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Parent Announcements

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Student Recognition
On Saturday May 28th, 2011, a number of our Orchestra students participated in the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest at University of Texas in Austin and did very well. Listed below are the following students that earned medals for their performances that day.

TSSEC Medal Winners:

Superior Soloists
Kevin B. Cho (viola); Austin Kuo (piano); Jonathan Lim (violin); Tommy Nguyen (violin); and Alyssa Thomason (viola)

Superior Ensembles:
Yoo Won Kim and Tanya Xu – Violin duet Kevin Cho, David Hyder, Jonathan Lim, and Andy Nguyen – String Quartet

Excellent Soloists:
Michell Li (violin); Andrew Nguyen (violin); Austin Kuo (violin); David Hyder (cello); Erick Jaimes (string bass); and Joshua Miller (string bass)

THS Orchestra UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest Results
On Saturday, January 29th, 2011, members of the Taylor High School Orchestra participated in the Region 23 UIL Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contest at Pershing MS in Houston ISD and did very well! Congratulations to these fine students for their high achievement.


Each student listed below earned a Superior medal for their performance of a memorized class one solo:
Kevin Cho (viola); David Hyder (cello); Erick Jaimes (string bass); Daniel Kermany (violin); Leo Kim (cello); Austin Kuo (violin & piano); Michell Li; Jonathan Lim (violin); Margaret Lin (violin); Christopher Llanos (cello) Jacob McKinley (string bass); Joshua Miller (string bass); Tommy Nguyen (violin); Andrew Nguyen (violin); Evelyn Park (viola); Alyssa Thomason (viola); and Frances Wang (viola)

Each student below earned a Superior Medal for their performance of a class one solo:
Yuliana Basenko (cello); Susan Elliot (piano); Amber Fusselman (violin); Amy Gong (violin); Michelle Lim (cello); Jenna Netland (cello); Warren Ortin (viola); Jiwan Park (viola); Jenny Ryu (cello); Kelsey Warford (violin); Benjamin Whelan (violin) and Tanya Xu (violin).

Emily Liu (viola) earned a Superior Medal for their performance of a class two solo.

Each ensemble listed below earned a Superior medal for their performance of their class one ensemble: String Quartet: Kevin Cho (Viola); David Hyder (cello); Jonathan Lim (violin); Andy Nguyen (violin) String Quartet: Sherrill Feng (cello); Josephine Kim (viola); Bon Ku (violin); and Gabe Valderama (violin) String Quartet: Michell Li (violin); Michelle Lim (cello); Su Jin Lim (violin), and Alyssa Thomason (viola) Duet: Erick Jaimes & Christianne Kim (viola) Duet: George Ching (violin) & Kevin Wang (viola) Duet: Yoo Won Kim (violin) and Tanya Xu (violin)

Each student below earned a Superior Medal for their performance of a class two ensemble: String Trio: Kenmin Chin (cello); Ben Whalen (violin); and James Whitley (viola) String Quintet: Simina Elefterescu (violin); Carey Liu (viola); Justin Loomis (violin); Katie Seo (cello); and Wilson Snipes String Quintet: Joshua Adams (string bass); Able Chacon (violin); Michael Coventon (viola); Jacob Doll (cello) and Jeff Zhao (violin)

Congratulations to the following THS students who were selected to perform in one of the 2011 All-State Orchestras in San Antonio in February, 2011.
Kevin Cho – Symphony Viola – 1st in the State!
Jake McKinley – Symphony String Bass – 4th in the State
Alyssa Thomason – Philharmonic Viola
Isaac Kim – String Orchestra

Thursday, April 8, 2010 (solos with piano accompaniment)
Kris Azarm – Viola Concerto in D Major (Mvt. 2) - Hoffmeister
Joseph Solano – Cello Concerto No. 1 in g minor (Mvt. 1) - Kabalevsky

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 (solos with full orchestra accompaniment)
Daniel Malacon – Clarinet Concerto in A Major; K. 107(Mvt. 1)– W.A. Mozart
Kameron Azarm – Viola Concerto in a minor (mvt. 1) - William Walton
Yue Xu - Violin Concerto in d minor (Mvt. 1) - Sibelius

On Saturday, October 31st, 2009, members of the Taylor High School hosted and participated in the Region 23 Area and All-State Orchestra Auditions here at THS. Placing in one of the All-State organizations is the highest individual musical achievement a high school student can earn. Once again our orchestra was very well represented. We placed eight students in the 2010 All-State Orchestras (second year in a row!). These students will rehearse and perform in San Antonio as members of the orchestras listed below.

Symphony Orchestra:
Kristopher Azarm – viola
Jake McKinley - string bass (three years in All-State)

Philharmonic Orchestra:
Kevin Cho – viola (two years in All-State)
Lynn Gai – violin (two years in All-State)
Isaac Kim – violin – (two years in All-State)
Yue Xu – violin- (two years in All-State)

String Orchestra:
Kameron Azarm - viola (three years in All-State)
Jonathan Lim – violin (two years in All-State)


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